ON-METAL Sp. z o.o. is a guarantee of quality and reliable approach to the requirements imposed on us by the constantly developing market.
We are a professional company operating in the foundry sector.

We specialize in the machining of aluminium and cast iron castings, using an extensive machine park, which consists of machining centres and turning centres. Thanks to a wide range of machines we are able to carry out both large series orders as well as single components - from small details to complex bodies. Processing includes in particular aluminium and cast iron details, made of materials such as aluminium alloys, grey cast iron or ductile cast iron. The mission of ON-METAL is to ensure full customer satisfaction in the range of offered products through continuous improvement of the production process. Our team consists of specialists who, over the years, have carried out projects in the field of product optimization in order to respond to the increasingly demanding needs reported by the market. Currently, we are conducting advanced works on the application of modern casting of elements dedicated to the automotive industry. Our goal is to strive for the world standard of quality in the production of parts and components for the automotive industry. Since the beginning of its activity ON-METAL has focused on innovation. It wants to offer the customer a product characterized by high quality and optimal parameters. Taking into account the requirements of the automotive industry in terms of strength, precision of workmanship, quality, and at the same time low weight and resistance to corrosion, it offers the customer the use of innovative metal alloys in order to achieve the intended features and functionality of the offered products.