5 April 2019


Moreover, the range of products offered by ON-METAL will increase as a result of the project entitled “Implementation of production of innovative magnesium alloy products in the automotive industry” implemented under Measure 2.5 “Investment support for the SME sector”. Regional Operational Programme of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship for 2014-2020, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.
ON-METAL will offer car components made of magnesium alloys. It is planned to produce the following details for the automotive industry:
– Skeletons of seats and roof windows,
– Steering columns, steering wheels,
– Motor components,
– Body elements such as door construction or tailgate,
– Front and rear axle components,
– Motor shaft housings,
– Elements of the dashboard,
– Pedal supports,
– Radiator guards,
– Internal door frames,
– Transmission components,
– Cylinder head covers.

It is also planned to start production of brake components such as nozzles, shoes, housings, brake plates, as well as control arms and linkages and stabilizer couplings.